The NMC will accept the Occupational English Test (OET) for registration

The NMC will accept the Occupational English Test (OET) for registration.


The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is making alternative options available for nurses and midwives, trained outside the UK, to demonstrate their English language capability. Overseas nurses whose first language is not English will now be able to choose between two options to prove their language competence. From 1 November 2017, the NMC will accept the Occupational English Test (OET) as proof of a nurse or midwife’s English language competence in applying for a job in the UK.


A new occupational language test is designed specifically for healthcare professionals.


OET CEO, Sujata Stead explained: “What sets OET apart from other tests is that it is designed for healthcare. We use real communication scenarios, similar to the ones healthcare professionals encounter every day. (…) For example, a nurse’s speaking skills will be assessed via a face-to-face role play using a typical nursing scenario, with a trained interlocutor who plays the part of a patient or carer. (…) In addition, the speaking and writing tests are different for each of the twelve healthcare professions we test so the scenarios for nurses and midwives will be different to the scenarios for physiotherapists.”


More about OET, the English language test for healthcare professionals.


Overseas-trained nurses and midwives who are required to take an English language test to gain registration with the NMC need to achieve Grade B across all four OET subtests. The NMC will only accept results from the February 2016 test administration onwards.


The Occupational English Test is available every month in over 40 countries. To check when the next OET exam will take place in the country you are living in, please click here. OET applications are open for two test dates at the same time so that candidates can choose to apply for one of two upcoming tests.


OET has launched the Preparation Portal where you will find sample test materials to download and detailed information about each subtest and its assessment.


For more information about the NMC English language test requirements for OET from 1 November, please click here.

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